Me, Wood and Others

I had a cat His name is wood I had found him in the woods Since then we were friends.   Wood followed me Wherever I go He was my tail He had his own Beautiful furry tail.   We slept under same house. In the same room In his own tiny room He dreamed of … Continue reading Me, Wood and Others


An Untimely Journey

“It`s time for you to go. “ The voice of nurse startled me. It was about time. I had no idea how much time passed by while I dozed on that chair. It had been four days at the hospital. My neck began to ache as I had not had proper sleep for three consecutive … Continue reading An Untimely Journey


                                     निलो माइक्रो सररर आएर घ्याच्च रोकियो । गाडि खाली थियो, पछाडितिर गएर बसे । गाडि बिस्तारै भरिदै थियो। मेरो ठिक अगाडि एउटि केटि आएर बसि । उसले खैरो टिसर्ट लगाएकि थिई जसमा उसको कलेजको नाम लेखिएको थियो । वास्तवमा उ धेरै राम्री थिई, त्यसैले उ सग कुरा गरिहाल्ने हिम्मत आएन। उसले एकोहोरो बाहिर हेरिरहेकि … Continue reading अन्तर्द्वन्द

A Trip To Swayambhunath Temple

I visited this temple six months before; 1.5 years after the massive earthquake shook the entire country leaving its historical  and cultural monuments into ruins. This temple is the oldest temple of the country. The name 'Swayambhu' means self existent one.This temple was built by King Manadeva of Lichchhavi dynasty of 13 century. Legend has … Continue reading A Trip To Swayambhunath Temple